To the patient: Avoid the pitfalls of hasty diagnosis, which can prolong or complicate your illness. Learn of many treatment choices you may not be aware of. While the ultimate decision lies with you and your licensed professional, we can help both of you to get most updated, cutting-edge data.
This service does not constitute a medical advice but a compilation of
medical data based on reputable sources to be reviewed with your doctor.
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symptoms, lab results and treatment - click to see the
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service please pay a  $50.00 deposit, which in many instances would constitue a total charge.

Examples of our past successes:

When a patient was diagnosed with a Peripheral Vascular Disease,
complaining of calf pain while walking, she was advised that for her specific
condition a by-pass surgery is necessary. It carried a 25% death risk, 30% risk of amputation and a 100% chance of mutilation. We have researched the case, found an interventional radiologist in a neighboring state willing to perform the procedure, called on behalf of the patient and even sent the x-rays for review, and the patient was able to walk free of pain within a week of the procedure!

Another patient was diagnosed with a chronic Thyroid Disorder
necessitating a lifetime dependence on thyroid replacement. He put us to work. We have searched for  other options, tests and diagnoses, and found that iodine deficiency might have caused these conditions as well.With the doctor’s approval, the patient took a nutritional supplement instead, which cleared his condition.  

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